Introducing CryptoFrog.Finance project, a first collectible frog NFT on Binance Smart Chain


CryptoFrog.Finance is the first collectible frog NFT and a yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain. The community can farm the FROG token by providing liquidity to FROG-BNB pair or buy FROG token on PancakeSwap and stake FROG token on the pool to earn more FROG token. After farming enough FROG token community can exchange them for unique FROG NFT on the NFT market as well.

Token Metrics

FROG token will be the only exchangeable token to buy FROG NFT, it will be distributed on a limited-time basis, in a deflationary manner.

Initial airdrop

To farm FROG, some supply should be distributed at the market first. Instead of having a presale for tokens, we will airdrop 500,000 FROG tokens to the holders of PET tokens on Oct 25th. The distribution will be done before the farming of FROG token starts.

Starting of Farming

The farming of FROG will be started on block 1,652,887‬ . It will likely be opened on Oct 25th, 9 PM UTC +8.

Farm $FROG, earn collectible FROG NFT on Binance Smart Chain